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Use our platform to plan and market events to your audience, whether new or existing customers, friends or to the general public. Create members who can directly access your events, schedules or timetables. Our platform also enables online ordering so you can also sell your products and services receiving online payments. Our free iPhone and Android App delivers a great user experience enabling RSVP'ing and (if required) online payment for events, products or services.

Our mobile app can also be used by staff to set their availability for work. When their shifts are allocated, they will automatically be pushed to their calendar. Roster it is a simple but powerful way to manage your staff across single or multiple locations and provides your team instant access to the roster.

Enterprise tailored solutions are also available and include features like Salesforce integration. For more information, please contact us.

Plan it FREE

  • Plan your own events or hire out your venue
  • Create and sell tickets to events
  • Attendee check in at events
  • Create memberships for businesses and associations
  • Receive automated monthly membership fees
  • Single or Multiple Locations
  • Unlimited Users
  • Custom User Access Levels
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  • Roster it ($19 p/month)*
  • Roster management system
  • Single or multiple locations
  • Unlimited employees
  • Order it ($29 p/month)*
  • Sell your products online
  • Accept credit card and PayPal payments
  • Sell your products via other business or school accounts

Discounts apply to quarterly or annual payment options
* Prices apply per business location


Use our platform to manage school events such as plays, recitals, seminars, meetings.  Sell tickets, confirm RSVPs, publish events as public or private (by invitation only). Set up automatic reminders and notifications to help people remember these events.

School councils and parent associations can easily create and manage school community events like Mothers' or Fathers' Day Breakfasts, Parent Rep Meetings or other social events. 

Free events attract no charges – i.e. Free events are FREE! 

Use our membership feature to engage with your alumni and keep them informed about your school events such as reunions. Memberships can be free or paid and can be set up for recurring membership payments (reduce admin and increases renewals).

Paid events or memberships are charged at $0.25 per ticket/membership sold with low online processing fees.  Accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and PayPal.  Alternatively, you can offer an offline payment option.

Our Donations feature allows you to collect donations to single or multiple funds and issues  automatic tax receipts to donors.

There are no monthly fees or lock in contracts to use our events, memberships and donations platform. Our belief is that if our platform works for your school, you will keep using it.

Your school's efficiency and effectiveness is sure to increase with PS Events!

PS Events

  • School Events Management
  • Access for staff, students or parents
  • Manage RSVPs
  • Set automatic reminders
  • Create and sell tickets
  • Memberships
  • Accept Donations
  • Get started


Plan events like a birthday party, a get together like a barbeque, an engagement or even a wedding. Once you enter the event details and invite your guests, our system will generate the personalized invitations and notify your guests via email (or notification if they are using our free app available for both iPhone and Android). RSVP reminders will be sent to your guests until they say yes, no or please don't bother me (politely of course). Our system will also send preset reminders to your guests who have RSVP'd YES, to make sure they don't forget the event and our app uses GPS to help them find their way there.

We have made managing your event easy and simple. You can create custom RSVP questions to suit your party theme, share photos with your guests, post your comments, create polls and even make a what to bring list if you need help catering for the event.

You can also create To-Dos or even use our free messaging platform to stay in touch with your friends and family.

Plan it Sync it FREE

  • Plan events
  • Schedule appointments
  • Create To-Do’s
  • Messaging Platform
  • Members portal for your favorite places*
  • Set your availability for work*
  • School Portal**
  • Download our FREE App for both iPhone and Android

* Businesses must use Plan it Sync it and register you as their employee or member for this access
** School must use Plan it Sync it and register you as a parent of an enrolled student

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