Rebuild Castle on the Hill*

Our grand old building is nearing a Century and the “Castle on the Hill’, whilst spectacular from the outside, inside the classrooms and facilities are desperately in need of attention. A Melbou... More Info

Health and Well Being

Our student’s wellbeing is Melbourne High School’s first priority. We aim to provide a school environment where our students can thrive.The MHS Foundation Health Promotion Trust aims to raise fun... More Info

MHS Arts and Cultural Trust

Music, arts and culture continue to be a major focus at Melbourne High School and form a part of daily student life. For many, music represents the soul of the School and its rich Arts program, wh... More Info

MHS Scholarship Trust

The Scholarship Trust is going from strength to strength, but its needs increase every day as we try to assist a growing number of students who are struggling to meet the costs of their education. More Info

MHS Scholarship Trust (MHSOBA)

The MHSOBA is expanding its scholarships program to support Old Boys in their undergraduate and postgraduate endeavours. In order to do so, the MHSOBA has established the MHSOBA Scholarship Fund, a ... More Info

General Trust (non tax deductible)

Donations to the MHS General Trust give the Melbourne High School Foundation flexibility to allocate funds where they are most needed. If tax deductibility of donations is not important for you, or i... More Info

Rowing Centre *

We are making progress! Our journey towards giving MHS rowing a permanent home is well on the way. Please help us meet our target of $1.25 million so that we seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunit... More Info

669 Chapel Street Project *

The purchase of land at 669 Chapel Street has presented the MHS Foundation with an unprecedented opportunity to secure the future of MHS. Development plans include the construction of a Gifted Educat... More Info

Library Fund *

Contributions to this fund will enable the School to maintain and improve essential study resources for the Library and to assist students who cannot afford to purchase essential school text books. More Info

Health Promotion Centre *

Student wellbeing is our first priority. We are excited that a generous donation from an Old Boy has enabled us to make a start on the Health Promotion Hub, which will centralise health and wellbeing... More Info