MHS Scholarship Trust (MHSOBA)
MHS Scholarship Trust (MHSOBA) Summary
The MHSOBA is expanding its scholarships program to support Old Boys in their undergraduate and postgraduate endeavours. In order to do so, the MHSOBA has established the MHSOBA Scholarship Fund, a tax deductible donation facility through the Melbourne High School Foundation.
MHS Scholarship Trust (MHSOBA) Details

MHSOBA scholarships are underpinned by the generous financial support of the MHS community, either individually, or through their organisations or businesses.
Accordingly, the MHSOBA invites the MHS community to show its support for Old Boys by making tax deductible donations to the MHSOBA Scholarship Fund.  In doing so, donors may elect to contribute to the general scholarship fund or to create a scholarship of their choosing.  Scholarships may be for one or multiple years, in a particular field of study, or on any other terms that the donor nominates.  The MHSOBA also invites offers of internships for current tertiary students or recent graduates.