New Generation Classrooms*
New Generation Classrooms* Summary
Help us transform our classrooms into appropriate teaching spaces for today's educational needs. Our grand old building is nearing a Century and whilst spectacular the facilities are desperately in need of attention. It is our ambition to complete a phased rejuvenation of every classroom by 2027.
New Generation Classrooms* Details

Our older classrooms were designed for a style of teaching that will soon be 100 years old. They are no longer fit for modern teaching.  Your tax-deductible donation we help us make the significant changes to ensure our facilities and technology allow for dynamic, collaborative and self-led learning. 


A striking design has been developed and we are excited by the opportunities that the redevelopment will provide students. Our aim is to complete the renovation of 40 classrooms by our 100-year anniversary in 2027. To date, two classrooms have been developed. Help us reach our ambitious goal. Donations to the Building Fund are tax-deductible. 

If you wish to see the newly designed classrooms, please ask the reception staff to direct you to T17 & T36.