General Trust (non tax deductible)
General Trust (non tax deductible) Summary
Donations to the MHS General Trust give the Melbourne High School Foundation flexibility to allocate funds where they are most needed. If tax deductibility of donations is not important for you, or if you are considering a bequest to Melbourne High School, please nominate the MHS General Trust. We encourage those who may be considering a bequest to the School to donate to the General Trust (please see section on Bequests).
General Trust (non tax deductible) Details


The co-curricular program of MHS is unique, but the School receives no Government funding for any of these activities.

We urgently need financial support from the community, philanthropic entities and corporate sponsors to enable these programs to continue so that all students at MHS, regardless of background, can make the most of their education at the School.

You can lend your support by contributing to one of the funds outlined in this Appeal or by contacting the MHS Foundation and becoming a Corporate Sponsor.