Plan Events such as parties, weddings, conferences, presentations - whatever you like! Even paid events where you can sell ticket with our online payment solution.


Plan Appointments and meetings with associates or customers, doctors or beauticians, single or recurring, use location services, set reminders to help you get there on time.


Once you're done, we'll Sync it with your device whether PC, Mac, laptop, iPhone, iPad, or android smartphone.


PERSONAL - Plan it Sync it offers a FREE service to help manage your work life balance with ease. Plan your events, schedule your appointments, create to do lists and communicate with your friends and family.

BUSINESS - Plan business or customer events. Create members and give them access to RSVP to your events like weekly classes or training sessions. Your customers can pay you directly for events or merchandise with our online payment solution.

SCHOOLS - Plan school events like Mothers' or Fathers' Day Breakfasts, Parent Rep Meetings, excursions, casual clothes or sports days. Our system can even send reminders to the parents and add events to their calendars so they remember to attend.


Plan it Sync it is a software development company with a focus to help get people organised! We attribute our strengths to being able to deliver a product that is easy to use, but still very powerful and developing partnerships to create a collaborative ecosystem for everyone to enjoy.

At Plan it Syncit we want to make your life a little easier by helping you take control of your schedule whether you're making appointments or planning events (BIG or small). Our solution offers an easy and effective way to manage your time with intuitive systems such as automatic GPS and time sensitive alerts, as well as a calendar with timeline functionality. The guest list, RSVP management system and our social integration of posting comments, photos and polls will help increase participation and attendance at your events. We have also incorporated a messaging and todo platforms as well as contacts and members features to enhance the communication flow with the people who are important to you.

Plan it… Sync it!

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